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Wave Race splashes US VC

Jet Ski mania.

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The calendar wheel turns and three more Virtual Console titles are offered to those of you in the US, a bit like a sacrificial present to an ancient God, except in no way whatsoever.

Splashing around up front this week is Wave Race for N64, where you zip around an aquatic course on Jet Skis, pulling off all sorts of stunts along the way. Not only do you have to beat the computer or a friend to the finish line, but you have to stay inside the buoys dotted around the course.

We remember it being fiendishly difficult to control, but were later told it was because we were rubbish. Wave Race 64 will cost you 1000 points (GBP 7.50 / EUR 10).

Galaga is next in line for the TurboGrafx-16, but we already have it on NES, and Adventures of Lolo came out here in early June.

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