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Watchmen MMO coming to iPhone

Out this week. Looks... interesting.

G4tv has previewed a Watchmen iPhone game that will be released alongside the movie on Friday.

Watchmen: Justice is Coming is an MMO of sorts, set before the events of the graphic novel and the film, in 1970s New York. Players will roam the streets fighting each other in what seem to be very slow and basic one-on-one brawls, gaining experience, levels and items as they slug it out.

The game's based on a "could MMO server technology" that will allows thousands of players to share a persistent online world.

You'll begin the game as a regular citizen out to mete justice on the streets, and gradually unlock typically sinister superhero costume pieces as you progress. There's a story to follow too that will introduce familiar characters "in subtle ways" over time, according to developer Last Legion Games.

More info at the official Watchmen: Justice is Coming website.