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Watch: The videogame good guys who became bad guys, much cooler

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

There's a lot to be said for being the good guy. You get the parades, the hero worship, and the smug sense of satisfaction that comes with being on the side of right. And you make the world a better place, I guess.

Videogames have taught us time and again, however, that going over to the dark side comes with plenty of advantages. Chief among these is that villains are cooler than boring, do-gooder heroes. Consider the evidence: these good guys who turned bad, and became much, much cooler in the process.

Speaking of good guys turning bad, superhero fighting game sequel Injustice 2 is here and Superman is still being a super jerk. It's like he can't let go of that time when the Joker made him kill his wife and unborn child, and then most of Metropolis. Pretty melodramatic, I think you'll agree.

Regardless of how dark and gritty Superman is now in Injustice 2, though, how about we head into story mode and kick him directly in his superbutt?

Finally this week, our replay of Red Dead Redemption continues apace, and will do for the foreseeable future now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is delayed until 2018.

We return to the Wild West challenges this week, as we set out to collect some of the exciting new flora offered by the strange new land of Mexico. Harvesting prickly pears is the goal, and we'll need plenty if we're to reach the next rank of our survivalist challenge.

This is lucky as prickly pears also happen to be the preferred snack of our beloved steed Horson Welles. We spoil that horse, we really do.

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