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Watch Microsoft's expensive-looking Xbox One ad, starring Steven Gerrard and Spock

An invitation.

With the Xbox One nearing its 22nd November 2013 launch, Microsoft is ramping up its marketing blitz - beginning with an expensive-looking ad featuring a couple of high-profile celebrities.

The ad, below, highlights Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall, FIFA 14 and Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard, Star Trek star Zachary Quinto in character as Spock, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome.

We also get a glimpse at Xbox One's Kinect-powered video chat when a Liverpool fan accepts a call from a friend by saying, "Xbox, answer." His friend pops up picture-in-picture to enthuse about a goal.

"This is an invitation to a new generation," says the narrator, "where your games and entertainment are no longer separated, but together, in one."

"This is an invitation from the all-in-one Xbox One."

The Guardian reports that Microsoft will likely end up spending at least $100 million marketing Xbox One at launch - the most ever for an Xbox console.

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