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Watch: Ian spreads his wings with Eagle Flight on PSVR

He's like a bird, he'll only fly away...

Nothing ruffles my feathers more than trying to film a let's play of a multiplayer game and finding out that all the lobbies are empty. It's incredibly hawkward to be owl by yourself but that's exactly what happened when I tried out Ubisoft's newly released PSVR title, Eagle Flight.

Still, I did manage to get one match out of the fledgling release, so my video wasn't completely fowled up. I also tried out some of the single player story, so I think you'll get some emusement out of my avian adventures.

Even though my experience in this video wasn't the best, you shouldn't chicken out if you'd previously been interested in picking it up. Eagle Flight is actually a rather satisfying game to play, especially once you've mastered the controls. The free roam mode is incredibly relaxing and if and when you do manage to get into a full multiplayer match, the dodging and diving can really get your heart racing. Just, watch out for those trees...

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Fancy trying out Eagle flight for yourself? It's out right now and you can get it for just under £30 - not exactly chicken feed but, considering the price of some of the other PSVR games, it's a poultry amount.

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