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Watch Ian and Aoife shriek their way through 30 minutes of Blair Witch gameplay


I remember when The Blair Witch Project movie first came out and everyone said it was the scariest film ever. Then I went to the cinema to see it and I realised that everyone was lying. There was one mildly chilling scene at the end, sure, but the only really scary part of the film was the amount of liquid produced by Heather's runny nose...

Thankfully the upcoming Bloober Team developed spin-off game, Blair Witch is full of scary moments, as you'll be able to see in the video below where Aoife and I play through 30 minutes of the game. There's even a face-cam so you can witness our terror in high definition, although thankfully there isn't a snotty nose in sight!

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The demo we played consisted of short snippets from each of the game's five chapters and as you'd expect, it starts off relatively calm before building up to a veritable shriek-fest.

There are some cool mechanics to watch out for in the video, including a nifty way to alter the world around you by watching camcorder tapes and pausing them at specific moments. Also introduced is a way to combat the thing(s?) that are stalking you, something that's absent from Bloober Team's other atmospheric horror games like Layers of Fear and Observer.

Oh and did I mention there's a dog in the game? Because there is a dog, he's called Bullet, he's such a good boy and as we confirm in the video, you are able to pet him.

Bullet plays a huge part in the core gameplay, helping you sniff out clues, detect nearby threats and of course, he provides a much needed form of comfort in those scariest of moments. He's literally the bestest video game pupper out there so if anything happens to him in this game I'm going to lose it, big time!

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