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Watch: Chris and Aoife shake it in Duke Nukem 3D

Late to the Party heads to the red light district.

Duke Nukem 3D sort of passed me by growing up, but I was always hearing stories about how fantastic its level design was, how satisfying its guns were to shoot, and how many secrets were cleverly tucked away for those determined enough to find them. Oh yes, and there were loads of boobs in it.

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So, who better to introduce me to the delights of Duke Nukem for the very first time but Chris "She's massive!" Bratt? Playing the 20th Anniversary World Tour edition on PS4, we go for a leisurely stroll around Hollywood, shooting aliens in the ankles and stopping off at its finest erotic literature emporium.

The abundance of pixellated breasts aside, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how fun the game still is. As a fan of 80's action movies it's a beautiful combination of nonsensical non sequiturs and completely OTT violence that is certainly of its time, but all the more loveable for it.

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