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Watch: At least Metal Gear Solid 3 is still really good

As Johnny finds out in Late to the Party.

So, how about that Metal Gear: Survive, huh? Well look, no matter what happens, we still have the brilliant Metal Gear games of yore. Perhaps my favourite one is MGS3, because you got to fart around in the jungle and put lots of animals in your pockets to keep on hold as a handy snack. Despite having played and loved the earlier games in the series, Johnny had never played Snake Eater, and, at the risk of sounding like clickbait, the reason behind that may shock you. Exclamation mark.

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Anyway, let's all grab a bucket of freshly harvested anaconda guts and remember those golden, happier times, when Kojima and Konami were best mates and cutscenes seemed to last forever. Fair warning - Johnny and I sing in this one too.

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