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Watch: Andy Serkis talks acting and his Planet of the Apes game

In conversation with Oli at EGX earlier today.

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Earlier today I had the privilege of taking the stage with Andy Serkis - famed Hollywood actor, master of the art of performance capture, the man behind Gollum, Snoke, Kong and Captain Haddock for goodness' sake. He visited EGX in Birmingham to promote Planet of the Apes: Lost Frontier, a cinematic adventure game set in the world of the recent Apes movies (in which Serkis starred as Caesar), and created by Imaginarium, the UK production studio that he co-founded. (Martin recently checked the game out and discussed its intriguing multiplayer component.)

As well as the game, we chatted about Serkis' pioneering work in performance capture, acting in general, and his video game work with Ninja Theory on Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. You can watch our conversation in the embed below.

Watch on YouTube

EGX runs through till Sunday and there are plenty more developer sessions to come. You can watch them live at, after the fact on the EGX YouTube channel, and we'll be highlighting some of the YouTube uploads here on the site too.

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