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Warner reveals LEGO Ninjago

Become a master of Spinjitzu!

Warner and TT Games have embarked on a brand new DS project called LEGO Ninjago: The Videogame.

It's a follow-up to LEGO Battles, which means building a base and commanding your troops is the order of the day. LEGO Ninjago arrives this spring, as do LEGO Ninjago bricksets in real-life toy shops.

LEGO Universe, the MMO, will also welcome a Ninjago area.

In Ninjago, the game - developed by Hellbent Games and produced by TT - you are master of Spinjitzu, and can spin like a tornado to blow your opponents away. That's cool, but remember you do also have a yellow cylindrical head.

You can be good or you can be evil, and you can test your skills in Battle mode challenges or against friends in multiplayer.