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Warner Bros. announces Wii U title Game Party Champions

It's a mini-game collection!

Publisher Warner Bros. has announced a new game for the Wii U. It's called Game Party Champions, and it's a mini-game collection.

Don't all leave at once!

Game Party Champions lets you indulge in a spot of garage air hockey and basketball hoop-shooting.

A baseball game will allow you to test your home-run hitting skills, while an American football offering will test your precision throwing.

A basketball, golf club and ping pong paddle are also included on the game's cover. What could these mean?

Game Party Champions is being developed by Phosphor Games, a studio whose most notable project to date was the SpacePop mini-game in Kinect Adventures.

In-game screenshots lie below, as well as Game Party Champions' box art - our second glimpse at the Wii U's cover design after the Ubisoft Wii U artwork appeared online yesterday.