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Walter Day leaves Twin Galaxies

Off to pursue music career.

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Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day has announced that he is leaving the organisation to pursue a music career.

Day founded Twin Galaxies, which gathers videogame records, in the summer of 1981 and has been actively involved in running it since.

Twin Galaxies' records are regularly included in the Guinness World Records - Gamers Edition, and the organisation and Day himself achieved cult fame in 2007 thanks to the King of Kong documentary, which chronicled Steve Wiebe's attempts to wrest the Donkey Kong world record from Twin Galaxies poster-child Billy Mitchell.

Announcing his decision, Walter Day first revealed that the city of Ottumwa, Iowa would be forming "the world's official International Videogame Hall of Fame" this year, and that over a four-day festival in August "about 30 people" would be inducted.

He then explained his personal decision to move away from the organisation he founded nearly 30 years ago. "I like to dream big and shoot for the stars, and that's what I'm doing now," he said. "I'm leaving Twin Galaxies and the videogame industry to be a musician, composer, singer-songwriter, and perform my stuff actually on the stage."

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