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VVVVVV dev releases free game about selling street food

Food cart life.

VVVVVV and Super Hexagon creator Terry Cavanagh has released a free browser game about running a food cart.

Dubbed Grab Them by the Eyes, the game follows the exploits of a lowly food cart entrepreneur who finds himself competing with a couple of young punks who have rolled up to his corner with their new street food eatery Filthy Burger. To fend off your new competitors, you must lure more customers to your cart by the end of the week. And how will you do this? Not by making delicious cuisine. That's kind of a given for food carts (at least in my part of the world). No, you must attract customers by making a kick-ass sign.

To do this you'll have to go to the sign shop every day and buy new slogans, colours, borders and effects to make an appealing marque. Each element of your sign is purchased as a card with a certain number assigned to it dictating how many customer it will rake in. But people crave change. What's in vogue one day may not be the next, so you've got to play smart with your cash to succeed in this corner cook-off.

The slogans get increasingly ridiculous as time goes on. You can buy signs saying "cherish me", "please listen", "edible food," or write your own. At one point I made one that said, "I hate you all." It brought me an extra couple of customers. People like subversive advertising like that.

Burger time.