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Vita Slim UK release date, price announced

Original OLED-screened model being phased out.

Sony has announced plans to release a slimmer, lighter PlayStation Vita model in the UK, with the PCH-2000 due to launch on February 7th, with an estimated price point of £180.

The PCH-2000 model was first unveiled before last year's Tokyo Game Show, and it hit the Japanese market shortly afterwards. It's some 41g lighter than its predecessor, and is 3mm thinner. The redesign is finished off with more curved edges - although the 960x544 OLED screen of the original is swapped out for a slightly less impressive 960x544 IPS LCD.

The original Vita, lined up against its successor.

1GB storage is included as standard, and it also features improved battery life over the original model. Digital Foundry managed to get over six hours out of the new unit when it reviewed the PCH-2000 upon its Japanese release last year. "The new PCH-2000 model is a fine piece of hardware that retains much of the premium feel and quality construction associated with the original Vita console, but also improves upon it with regards to the slimmer form factor and more textured feel," read the original verdict.

The new pricing compares favourably to the original model, which launched in excess of £200 before having its price cut around Gamescom last year. The original PlayStation Vita will be phased out, with the new PCH-2000 effectively replacing the OLED screen model.

It's also another shot in the arm for a system that has struggled in its first two years on the market. Sales were given a boost with the launch of the PlayStation 4, with the remote play capabilities leant on by Sony as they gave the handheld an extra push.

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