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Vita release date for Japan

Sony's handheld out in December.

The PlayStation Vita arrives in Japanese stores on 17th December, Sony has announced.

Sony exec Hiroshi Kiwano broke the news today at the platform holder's Tokyo Game Show press conference.

The standard wi-fi model will retail for the princely sum of ¥24,980, while the 3G model goes for ¥29,980. Pre-orders kick off from 15th October.

Alas, no mention of a Euro or US date, but it is expected to launch on this side of the world in early 2012.

3G users will be able to buy 20 hours of pre-paid online time for ¥980 (about £8), or 100 hours for ¥4980 (about £41). You'll also get 100 hours bundled in for free when you pick up the system.