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PlayStation Vita price drop effective Wednesday

UPDATE: Zavvi's price down to £143.99.

UPDATE: UK retailers have begun updating their PlayStation Vita prices following yesterday's price drop announcement. First up is Zavvi, which now lists the Vita's Wi-Fi model £143.99.

Sony neglected to provide a UK-specific post-price drop RRP so we've been keeping our eyes on retailer price changes. Many chains were already selling Vita at a discount - Amazon for £169 for example.

Let us know below if you see any other bargains.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sony has announced a price drop on the PlayStation Vita beginning tomorrow, Wednesday 20th August.

At its Gamescom press conference moments ago it revealed that the Vita will drop down to €199 / $199. No price in pounds was announced.

Additionally, SCEE boss Jim Ryan noted that there will be "significant reductions" to the outlandishly expensive Vita memory cards, though no details were given.

This announcement came just in time for the news that such titles as Borderlands 2 and Fez are heading to Sony's handheld platform.

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