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Vita-exclusive OlliOlli is an auto-skateboarder a bit like Tony Hawk's but in pixely 2D

Man heelflip when he hears about this.

Vita-exclusive OlliOlli is a low-key auto-skateboarder that's a bit like Tony Hawk's but in pixely 2D - and you're not allowed to stop.

It's made indie team Roll7, due out this year and it's managed to wangle itself a spot on Sony's Vita stand at E3, whatever that means.

Staying on your board in OlliOlli and clearing obstacles is one thing; doing it in style and chaining together hundreds of tricks for points is another. Levels are randomly generated so they go on forever, and there are hundreds of obstacles to mix them up.

Characters are customisable to give you a bit of ownership, and there's a suitable soundtrack featuring people I've never heard of, such as Mizz Beats and LeftLane Cruiser.

Besides the endless skateboarding there are Spots: sections of levels from the career mode you can post scores from for other people to beat. There will be daily Spots added that you can practice endlessly but only get one chance to post a score on.

Modest, then, but promising.

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