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Viral video hints at Mercury Hg Vita

Bizarre campaign leading to release on new platforms.

A new video suggests physics-based puzzler Mercury Hg will be released on PlayStation Vita.

A series of bizarre viral marketing videos featuring superhero Mercury Man are leading up to a release on Sony's upcoming handheld and iOS, their makers Stickee told Eurogamer.

Currently available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, Mercury Hg sees players tilting the game's levels to roll a blob of mercury through a course of obstacles.

The game's puzzles would perfectly suit the iPhone and Vita's gyroscopic controls.

Further DLC for the existing console versions has also been touted.

The Mercury Man viral videos star the fictional Arron Josefsen, otherwise known as Mercury Man. After ingesting mercury as a child, he now believes he has special powers.

Publisher UTV Ignition refused to comment when questioned by Eurogamer.

Mercury Man.