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Video Games Live to open GC 2008

Tour dates revealed.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Video Games Live has revealed its 2008 list of dates and venues, totalling 40 performances around the world.

The orchestral performance of recognisable and iconic music from games has grown considerably since its opening 2005 year, and will now feature at Comic Con in San Diego as well as open the Leipzig Games Convention 2008 in August.

Most of the dates set in stone are those for North America, with the majority of European performances still to be finalised. Those TBC are Glasgow, Milan, Paris, London, Amsterdam and somewhere in Sweden.

Video Games Live is the brain child of composers Tommy Talliarco (Earthworm Jim, Advent Rising) and Jack Wall (Mass Effect, Jade Empire, Splinter Cell).

Though orchestral in essence, rock concert energy and visuals making use of the latest technology lend it a suitably cutting-edge feel. (We should sell used cars, don't you think?)

Music performed ranges from present day titles such as World of Warcraft and Halo to older favourites like Tetris and Asteroids.

Eurogamer TV went to the London performance last year and spoke to Tommy Talliarco as well as Marty O'Donnell and Richard Jaques. Find out what they had to say in Episode 21 of the EGTV Show.

Pop over to the official Video Games Live site to keep up to date with the tour schedule.

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