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Very silly multiplayer romp Oh My Godheads is leaving Early Access in time for Christmas

Includes "hats, monocles and airborne pastries".

Stupendously daft multiplayer escapade Oh My Godheads will leave early access and spread its delightful nonsense over Xbox One, PS4, and PC on December 5th.

Oh My Godheads is a frenzied capture-the-flag-style multiplayer experience in which the flags aren't so much flags as divine bonces with a tendency to unleash terrible horrors upon anyone foolish enough to try and take them back to base.

This trailer from earlier in the year does a much better job of explaining the intricacies of Oh My Godheads though, and even manages to do it through the medium of song.

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Oh My Godheads is a defiantly couch-only multiplayer game for 1-4 players, with computer-controlled characters filling out the ranks in single player mode.

It's the work of Barcelona-based studio Titutitech, and promises "swords, hats, monocles, and airborne pastries" - which is a winning formula if ever I heard one.

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