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GDC: Steamworks update obsoletes DRM

Valve's dev suite receives new features.

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Valve claims to have rendered notorious DRM software obsolete with its brand new set of Steamworks features.

The key is the inclusion of the Custom Executable Generation technology, which gives each user unique copies of a game that can be easily accessed from multiple machines.

This does away with the need for any game-install limits, apparently, and therefore removes any reason to use third-party DRM software. Steam already handles online product activation and verification.

Steamworks now also supports in-game downloadable content and matchmaking. The former supports both free and paid-for extras; the latter uses the tried and tested Left 4 Dead lobby system.

Steamworks offers developers the complete set of Steam features for free. The initiative launched early last year and has already been used in games like Dawn of War II, Empire: Total War and F.E.A.R. 2.

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