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Valve adds thumbstick to latest Steam controller prototype

Now looks less like an owl.

Valve has shown off a new version of its in-development Steam controller which includes an analogue stick for the first time.

As discovered by SteamDB, the new pad is the third major design shown off to the public so far.

The original prototype, announced last September, featured few buttons and was dominated by two large trackpads and a touchscreen. It also looked a bit like an owl.

The second prototype, shown back in January, removed the touchscreen and added two symmetrical sets of ABXY face buttons.

Valve deliberately avoided including an analogue stick in previous versions as it wanted to replicate the experience using its trackpads, which have been infused with haptic feedback in the form of weighted electro-magnets.

It's unclear at the moment whether this latest iteration will be the controller's final design, or whether further changes are on the way.