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Vagrant Story coming to Euro PSN

Square's classic RPG re-released.

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Square Enix is releasing its PlayStation RPG Vagrant Story on PSN in Europe, so both PS3 and PSP owners can play it.

The news comes via the European Square Enix newsletter, as reported by Kotaku. The newsletter initially gave a release date of 12th November, but the company has retracted that and now says it's simply "coming soon".

Vagrant Story was released on the Japanese PSN back in August. There's no concrete word on a North American release yet.

The game's debut back in 2000 was met by a perfect score from Famitsu magazine and almost immediate cult status. It was produced and directed by troubled genius Yasumi Matsuno, who also made Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, and shares the setting of Ivalice with those games.

Unlike them, however, it's a solo dungeon crawl with no shops or interaction with other characters, and a focus on crafting, strategy, puzzle-solving and even platforming, with a rhythmic chain system to battles: a brilliant, and to this day unique, blend. The fine story follows Ashley Riot who travels to a ruined city to unravel a conspiracy involving a cult and a murdered political leader.

It's a must-have.

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