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Uwe hits out at "Boll bashers"

Challenges popular opinion.

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German film legend Uwe Boll has challenged popular opinion against him, by claiming we're not thinking for ourselves and giving him the recognition he deserves.

Comments flew between Boll and US film critic Chris Kohler after Wired printed a scathing review of upcoming movie Postal - adapted from the controversial videogame based around the September 11th World Trade Centre attacks.

The result was an open interview on Wired, where Boll claimed Kohler had entirely missed the satirical point of Postal and had fallen back on the current trend of "Boll bashing".

"And I think you ignored [the satire] in your review and wrote another bad review about Uwe Boll because it's trendy to do this," raged Boll.

"Your article was only an ongoing insult against the untalented, bad director. You ignore - like all the other guys going off on me on the Internet - my first seven movies!" he continued, drawing on his early creations before House of the Dead.

"You should admire that nobody else did what I did in the last ten years. I do my own distribution, my own project development, my own financing and everything. Nobody else did that - all the German money went to Hollywood studios.

"But in the opinion of the Boll bashers I'm a talentless idiot. And you see it exactly the same."

Boll has been responsible for creating films based on videgames licences House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, Dungeon Siege and Postal. A Far Cry film is in development.

But none of his early or game adaptation work is yet to climb above a five out of ten rating on popular movie website imdb.

"There is an Internet wave you support that turns the truth into bullshit," added Boll. "The whole Internet bashing is completely absurd and has nothing to do with my movies. Normally journalists like you should see that and write it."

"You can write that you didn't like Bloodrayne or you didn't like Alone In The Dark ... but if you write that the movies look like amateur trash, then you are lying on purpose."

We love you, Boll.

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