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US Xbox Live Rewards program begins

Earn points for subscribing, buying.

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The Xbox Live Rewards pilot program has begun, offering North American residents Microsoft Points for renewing Gold subscriptions and purchasing Xbox 360 content online.

An annual Gold membership renewal Rewards 200 Microsoft Points (£1.70), while month-by-month subscribers earn only 10 MSP (9 pence) a month (to a maximum of 60 MSP or 50 pence).

There are 100 Microsoft Points (85 pence) offered for the first XBL item bought, and the same amount for anyone participating in Microsoft surveys.

For every month subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft will offer one per cent MSP cash-back. After five months, you'll have amassed the maximum of five per cent MSP cash-back on every XBL purchase made.

The Xbox website has a full list of Rewards.

This service is unconfirmed for Europe. We're checking with Microsoft.

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