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US sales climb, too

Nintendo held responsible.

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Those of you across the pond have been buying lots of games and consoles, according to NPD Group sales figures, prompting a 37 per cent increase over July 2006.

The total pile of green bills rose to USD 925.5 million, with the total stash at around USD 7 billion.

Hardware sales soared by 77.4 per cent to USD 380.8 million for the month, largely thanks to impressive sales of the Wii at 425,000 and DS at 405,000.

Microsoft put one over Sony by reaching 170,000 to an opposing 159,000, even with July marking the first month of the official USD 100 PS3 price cut. The effect of the lowered Xbox 360 asking price won't be reflected until next month.

However, PS2 and PSP continue to outsell both, at 222,000 and 214,000 respectively.

Biggest games of the month were NCAA Football '08 on 360, Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s on PS2, Wii Play, NCAA Football '08 on PS2, and Mario Party 8 on Wii.

Other best sellers were NCAA Football '08 on PS3, Pokémon Diamond on DS, Transformers on PS2, Guitar Hero II on PS2, and Guitar Hero II on 360.

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