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US players can register now for a chance to buy one of Sony's "limited" PS5 consoles next month

Restrictions apply, though. Obviously.

Sony will have "a limited amount of PS5 consoles available for customers in the US to purchase direct from PlayStation" next month.

Though signing up at Sony Direct secures neither you a PS5 nor even a definite chance to buy one, it's nonetheless a lifeline for players who've been desperately trying to secure Sony's next-gen system but have yet to do so.

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Right now it appears as though the deal is only available stateside, and is - predictably enough - restricted to one console per PSN ID. However, unlike the Steam Deck preorders, there's seemingly no restriction on how old those accounts need to be, as if you don't yet have a PSN ID, you can sign up for one as part of the process.

If you're lucky and get an invite next month, you'll be eligible to purchase either a PS5 console or its digital-only counterpart, two wireless controllers if they're cosmic red or midnight black, or three white DualSense controllers. You can also pick up a media remote and Pulse 3D wireless headset while stocks last, too.

As yet there's seemingly no equivalent offer in the UK or Europe, but we'll update you right here if that changes. That said, players outside the US are permitted to reserve a system if they ship to a US address, so now might be a good time to suck up to those relatives you have living stateside.

ICYMI, the company that told Sony to "go ahead, sue us" has pulled replacement PlayStation 5 plates from sale after Sony threatened to sue them.

As Wes summarised for us yesterday, back in February, Canadian-based device customisation company Dbrand launched its replacement PS5 plates, dubbed Darkplates, with a brazen attitude towards the prospect of a Sony takedown. Dbrand said it subsequently received a letter from Sony threatening legal action - and it has now complied with the demands.