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Uplay confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

PC client set for 4.0 update in October.

Uplay, Ubisoft's digital platform, has been confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Uplay will be available on all the titles in Ubisoft's next-generation lineup, which includes Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, The Crew, The Division and Watch Dogs.

Also set for next-gen consoles are the recently announced Child of Light, Valiant Hearts and Trials Fusion.

Ubisoft said users will benefit from Uplay services and features using one unique profile when the PS4 and Xbox One go on sale this November.

We imagine Uplay on next-gen consoles will work similarly to how it does on current-gen consoles. On current-gen, Ubisoft games include an option in their main menus that, when selected, boots the Uplay application. This takes you out of the game, displaying a feed of social events and showing what you and your friends have done in-game, alongside the Uplay points you've been awarded. You can spend these Uplay points on in-game items, for example.

Meanwhile, the PC Uplay client will be updated to 4.0 in October 2013, adding a social wall and download manager.