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Unreleased Meta Quest Pro hardware turns up in hotel

Worker uploads unboxing video.

Facebook parent company Meta is yet to reveal its long-awaited high-end VR headset - but photos and videos of a prototype are now available online.

An early sample of the device, apparently left behind by accident, was recently discovered by hotel worker Ramiro Cardenas - after he responded to complaints of a pile of rubbish left in a bag in a corridor.

Cardenas, a VR fan, quickly realised what the device actually was - and promptly posted a series of photos and videos on the internet.

Cover image for YouTube video
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In an interview with Kotaku, Cardenas said the headset had later been claimed by the guest who had left it behind - with "not even a thank you".

"Did I wish I kept it? Yes," Cardenas admitted. "Did it hurt returning it? Yes."

Meta is set to officially unveil the device at an event next month - but you can get an early sneak peek via Cardenas' extremely excited video below, as he plays around with the headset and its new controllers while whispering in hushed tones.

Accompanying materials clearly name the device as the Meta Quest Pro - the first time we've heard that name.

Cover image for YouTube videoOCULUS QUEST PRO!!!!