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Unreal Engine 3 can do anything, even Barbie - Mark Rein

Plus, views on our Gears review.

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Unreal Engine 3 is a lot more versatile than people assume, according to Epic Games vice president Mark Rein, who told our sister site recently that the technology could happily power puzzle games and all sorts.

"A puzzle game is simply about moving a camera around and moving objects around - clearly our engine's very capable of doing that," Rein suggests. "You can pretty much make any kind of game with this technology."

"The industry thinks, 'Well, if I'm going to make a shooter, I've got to use Unreal.' That's a good start, we like that! Now, we want them to think Unreal if they're making a sports game, a driving game..." A Barbie Horse and Ride game, perhaps? "That would be perfect! A perfect kind of game for Unreal!

"Obviously we're a next-gen technology, so if you're going to make a game for PlayStation 2, you won't use Unreal Engine 3. But any kind of game for next-gen, it's a great technology," Rein concludes.

For more on Unreal Engine 3, and to see what Rein thought of our Gears of War review (he eventually accepted it), be sure to check out the rest of the Mark Rein interview.

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