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UNO, Sudoku, Monkey Island on WiiWare

Seven new games for Wii/DSi owners.

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There are seven new games for Wii and DSi owners to find online today, including the third chapter of Traveller's Tales' Tales of Monkey Island series, dubbed Lair of the Leviathan.

It's WiiWare compadres are Manic Monkey Mayhem - a monkey fighting game - and UNO, and UNO all about that. The Monkey titles cost 1000 Wii Points (approx. £7/€10), while UNO asks for 500 Wii points (approx. £3.50/€5).

Bomberman Blitz is the big attraction on DSiWare, flashing wireless support for up to eight people, and is joined by A Little Bit of... All-Time Classics: Family Games at the 500 DSi Points (approx. £4.50/€5) price mark.

Sudoku, on the other hand, is cheap at 200 DSi Points (approx. £1.80/€2).

Finally, on Virtual Console, we find a rare brawler in Fighting Street - the arcade version of Street Fighter. This costs 800 Wii Points (approx. £5.60/€8)..

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