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Pinball Heroes gets Uncharted theme

Sony plundering portfolio for PSP.

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Sony appears to be converting top-notch PS3 titles into Pinball Heroes games for PSP

The ESRB has rated four: Pinball Heroes: Uncharted, Pinball Heroes: High Velocity Bowling, Pinball Heroes: Hot Shots Golf and Pinball Heroes: PAIN.

Each will be designed around the artwork and themes of the subtitled game. Pinball Heroes: Uncharted has you "hit a ball around a crashed airplane into silhouetted character targets and off bumpers shaped like gold coins to score points", for example.

Pinball Heroes: PAIN, on the other hand, opts for a building-site style and "over-the-top sound effects": "ouch", "yeow", "oww", "ugh", "Show me where it hurts", "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you" and "What am I, a trampoline?"

There's no word on date, nor whether this will bolster the line-up of PSP Minis downloadable games.

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