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Unannounced Star Wars: Project Maverick leaks onto PlayStation Store

Reportedly EA Motive's "smaller, more unusual" title.

A previously unannounced new Star Wars title, currently going by the name Project Maverick, has leaked onto the PlayStation Store.

Project Maverick was initially spotted by a Resetera user after its details were scraped and spat out onto the internet by the bot-driven Twitter account psnrelease, ordinarily intended to notify followers of new PlayStation titles and updates as they arrive on Sony's store.

In this instance, however, the bot dug up details presumably not intended for public release, pertaining to a game known simply as Maverick. That in itself wouldn't have drawn much attention, were it not for the accompanying artwork, featuring an Imperial Star Destroyer, several mingling X-Wings, and the cincher: it's full name, Star Wars: Project Maverick.

The Project Maverick image unearthed by psnrelease.

Polygon, incidentally, which clearly knows more about Star Wars than I do, suggests the artwork also offers a glimpse of the volcanic planet Mustafar.

As for the veracity of the leak, Kotaku reports Star Wars: Project Maverick is legit. It's said to be the same "smaller, more unusual" title that Kotaku's Jason Schreier revealed to be in the works at EA Motive earlier this year. Hopefully EA will be ready to clear up some of the mystery soon.