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UK PS3 Starter Pack limited

Summer promotion only.

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After denying the PS3 Starter Pack is a limited offer in Europe, new evidence from Sony UK has shown that the GBP 425 deal is likely to end at the end of the summer, is reporting.

Yesterday it emerged that Sony Australia would only be offering the deal - which includes the console, extra Sixaxis controller and choice of two first-party games - until the end of the month. Sony told that the offer is ongoing in the European regions.

However, emails being sent from Sony to consumers dissatisfied that they purchased the GBP 425 console before the Starter Pack was announced - and therefore missed out on free games and peripherals - have stated that the current deal is a summer promotion only.

"I was sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with regards to the launch of the PlayStation 3 Starter Pack. I would like to take this opportunity to stress that this is a summer promotion and that due to the nature of this offer it will end on a predetermined date," said the email from SCEE.

But despite acknowledging that these emails were being sent out from Sony, a representative for the company again reiterated to GamesIndustry that the current Starter Pack offering "will continue for the foreseeable future".

While the messages form Sony may be mixed at the current time, it's expected that the company will be making further announcements regarding the future of the console and its price at this month's Game Convention in Leipzig.

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