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Ubisoft's Innergy is still alive, due next year - report

Vitality Sensor-esque project from E3 2010 rears its head.

UPDATE: Anthony Kozak, the developer who worked on the project, has been in touch to say that there is no target release window at this time, and that Ubisoft is yet to officially comment on the status of the project.

Mention of the project has been removed from his website.

ORIGINAL STORY: Innergy, the mysterious stress-relief software Ubisoft showcased back at E3 2010, has reared its head again nearly two years after it was first announced.

As spotted by Twitter sleuth Superannuation, an external development contractor called Exoa, which has apparently been working on the title, last week announced via its website that its work is complete and the game will be out some time next year.

The game measures the speed of your breathing via a peripheral and then translates that into some kind of gameplay on-screen. See the original launch trailer below for more.

Nintendo's original attempt at something similar, as announced at E3 2009, seems to have stalled indefinitely. CEO Satoru Iwata told investors last May that the company was struggling to make its Vitality Sensor project feel "natural".

"I cannot clearly say when we will be ready to put this on the market," he said.