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Ubisoft unveils PowerUp Heroes for Kinect

"Full body combat game" out in June.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft has just announced PowerUp Heroes – a "full body combat game" exclusively for Kinect.

Developed by Longtail Studios and due for release in June, the game lets you transform your Xbox 360 avatar into a customised superhero and scrap it out with either CPU-controlled bad-dudes or your chums via local and online multiplayer.

Apparently you'll be using your entire body "to launch projectiles, dodge strikes and counter deadly attacks." When you defeat an opponent, you'll take on their "super suit". There are 20 of these to collect, all of which pack unique powers. For example, the Necromancer suit lets you control a horde of skeletons.

The daft live action trailer below should help join the dots.

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