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Ubisoft unveils Nitrobike Wii

Due out this Christmas.

Ubisoft and Left Field Productions announced Nitrobike for the Wii last week - a fast-paced motorbike (sorry, "/\/\0+0]231|{e") racer that aims to repeat the success of LF's own Excitebike 64.

Due out this Christmas, it features lots of rocket-propelled motorcycles darting around against the clock and against other players, with a "unique online mode" promised to back up its offline multiplayer and, of course, one-player offering.

Ubisoft served up some Nitrobike screenshots during E3 to help get you in the mood, but other than that, there's not much to say. Do you want to hear what Jay Cohen, Ubisoft's vice president of publishing, had to say about it?

"Ubisoft is thrilled to be introducing the first Motorcross game available for Wii," is how he began. Then: "Nitrobike's fun and fast-paced gameplay is sure to be a hit for Wii owners for the holiday season." So that was worth it.