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Ubisoft pulls Mind Quiz from sale

Offensive to the disabled. Oops.

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Ubisoft is pulling DS game Mind Quiz off the market due to comments in the game which have been labelled as offensive, reports.

Poor performance sees the player labelled in a manner derogatory to the disabled.

Ubisoft has blamed the Japanese development team for the error and its own slack quality assurance.

"As soon as we were made aware of the issue we stopped distribution of the product and are now working with retailers to pull the game off the market," a spokesperson told the BBC.

"The game was developed in Japan, and we unfortunately did not pick up on the offending word in our quality assurance," said the publisher.

The offensive blunder emerged when a woman contacted BBC Radio Ulster to complain about the game.

The woman's three-year-old son had suffered from brain damage before passing away just before last Christmas.

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