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Ubisoft making Heroes?

The TV show, not real ones.

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Ubisoft could be closing its grip on another hot Hollywood property, according to film nut Variety, which says the publisher is in the final throes of an agreement to create a game based on TV show Heroes.

Confirmation is expected at the end of this week from Comic-Con event taking place in San Diego.

Ubisoft has declined to comment on the whole scenario, but the Heroes licence would be a natural fit for a game. It's just started on BBC 2 in the UK, and focuses on a bunch of people mainly from America who all discover they have super powers. Our favourite is Hiro Nakamura.

It's been outrageously popular across the US, and is scheduled for a second series there starting 24th September.

Ubisoft announced yesterday that it would also be creating a game to go alongside James Cameron's latest film Avatar.

The publisher pulled off one of the best film-to-game conversions in recent history with King Kong, so our hopes for both projects are high.

Peel yourself like an orange for more information.

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