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Ubisoft is "working on a strategic reorganisation of its European business"

"This process is ongoing and we don’t have any more detail to share at this stage."

Ubisoft logo in white on a black background.
Image credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft is reportedly "working on a strategic reorganisation of its European business subsidiaries" that may include shuttering some of its European offices.

Unsubstantiated reports first surfaced on ResetEra, where a poster shared part of an email that purportedly detailed plans to "close a number of subsidiaries", including the closure of Ubisoft Benelux.

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Eurogamer understands this reorganisation relates to Ubisoft's business offices rather than game development studios. In a statement to NME, Ubisoft refused to "share" any more details given that the "process is ongoing", but did say: "Ubisoft’s publishing group is working on a strategic reorganisation of its European business subsidiaries".

We'll update this story as and when we receive more information.

Ubisoft has now confirmed it will attend E3 this year, following confusing comments made by the company's boss Yves Guillemot last week.

When questioned whether Ubisoft would be at E3 this year, Guillemot raised eyebrows by telling investors his company would be there "if E3 happens". The company has since confirmed, however, that it will be in attendance with a "strong line-up" at E3, which is being run for the first time this year by Eurogamer parent company Reedpop.