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Ubisoft cancels a number of games

But preps "ambitious" core PC title.

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Ubisoft has cancelled a number of planned titles during an internal restructuring exercise, the publisher has announced.

A line in its annual financial report released today noted, "Ubisoft has taken measures to adapt its structure to major changes in the industry by reorganising the roles and operations of its studios, which has resulted in the termination of certain projects."

It doesn't go into further detail as to what those euthanised titles might be. I Am Alive? Beyond Good & Evil 2? Place your bets.

An investor call is due to take place later this afternoon – we'll update the story if any more information comes out of that.

Elsewhere in the document, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot noted that it plans to reveal a major new PC title in the next week or so.

"In the coming days, we will officially announce an ambitious project on PC based on one of our top gamer franchises that will illustrate our capacity to take advantage of new business models," he said.

As for the main thrust of the earnings report, it's been a pretty good 12 months for the French publisher with sales up 19% year-on-year to €1,039 million.

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