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Ubi's new Wii party game

Comes with fancy glasses.

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Ubisoft has announced that an adaptation of popular board game Cranium will be coming to Wii in December, complete with its own fancy spectacles.

The idea is to work your way around the board until you reach the end and win, passing through four different sections relating to different skills as you go: one based on language, one on artistic panache, one on trivial knowledge, and one on performance skills. It's created so that everyone playing should find strength in at least one area.

Each section is divided into various challenges, such as sketching clues, answering questions, solving anagrams or performing charades. Both Ubisoft and the creators of Cranium are confident and excited about the potential of recreating it on Wii.

Here special glasses will let you read clues on the screen that no one else can see, before you're asked to do things like paint the solar system on a wall or hammer out Auld Lang Syne' on a xylophone - all promising to be hilarious fun using the Wiimote.

Cranium Kabookii will be available in Canada, France, Spain, the UK and US, where localised teams will create specific questions for their audience.

Look out for more information soon.

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