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Ubi shy on new Clancy game

Viral marketing fuels debates.

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An enigmatic viral marketing website produced by Ubisoft has sparked debates that a completely new Tom Clancy game is in development.

However, the publisher was unable to comment this afternoon on what exactly it will be.

The site showed a man's battered and bloody face next to a scrolling diagnostic display, with an audio news feed plays in the background. This transmission touches on various catastrophic events happening around 20 years from now, in what appears to be a global terrorist plot.

While no series is directly mentioned, each of the official sites for Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon have news stories that match those from the audio feed. And the meta list from the page also references these familiar Tom Clancy outings, as well as the unheard of "rev.64" and "jsf28555833-80604722".

So it seems we could be in for a new game that will mould all three separate series into one, supported by fact that each of the most recent games all left the main character in a compromised position, and were "to be continued". Locations and elements mentioned in the news feed, like a "JSF task force" also point to a merged adventure, JSF possibly meaning something like Joint Strike Force, we imagine. Er, Imagined.

It all leaves our little Internet detective brain a little flummoxed, if somewhat intrigued. What do you think?

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