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Twitter's gaming lead let go as Elon Musk begins mass layoffs

"It's been an honour."

Twitter's social lead for gaming is the latest employee to be let go since Elon Musk took over.

The billionaire has swiftly made huge changes to the platform, like charging monthly for blue tick verification.

Now mass cuts are being made to staff.

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Shiraz, the former social lead for Twitter Gaming, shared the news with a video updating his profile bio.

In a thread posted ahead of being let go, he wrote: "to all the Creators, Influencers, Athletes, Actors, Streamers, and Gamers I've had the pleasure of speaking to on behalf of Twitter, it's been an honour no matter what happens.

"The layoffs at Twitter have begun and tomorrow AM we'll find out who Elon keeping or not.

"I always tried to champion Creators and Gaming internally to the best of my ability no matter how small or big you were, y'all were on a level footing to me and I did my best to treat y'all as such.

"I've been at Twitter 9 1/2 years so if it's my time, it is what it is."

As Bloomberg reported earlier in the week, Musk plans to eliminate around half of Twitter's workforce to cut costs.

Staff were notified today, as shared in viral tweets, of potential layoffs via an email to either their staff email address or personal email address.

Users are also advised to set up two-factor verification to protect their account.

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