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Twitch offering PC Game Pass trials with subscriptions

For the next week only.

Twitch is collaborating with Xbox to offer PC Game Pass trial access with subscriptions to your favourite streamers.

From 4th - 11th November, three months of PC Game Pass will be available when you purchase two new Twitch subs (or gift subs).

This is only valid for new Game Pass members.

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Although not available in every country globally, the offer is available in Twitch's biggest territories.

"This is just one of the ways we're experimenting with giving you more for watching and streaming on Twitch," reads a blog post with further details.

The offer comes after reports that PC Game Pass subscriptions have increased by 159 percent year on year.

That's despite Microsoft missing its Game Pass growth targets for the second year in a row. Microsoft reported "over 25m Game Pass subscriptions" in its latest financials.

Twitch, meanwhile, could use some goodwill following recent controversies on the platform such as its revenue split with streamers, the prevalence of gambling streams, and reports of child abuse.