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TT doing LEGO Potter, Crystal Skull games

CV leak also mentions new Hobbit pitch.

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An animator for UK studio Traveller's Tales has seemingly confirmed that the developer is currently working on two new LEGO games, long-rumoured to be in production, reports.

According to the CV of Charlotte Parker, Lego Harry Potter and Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are both in development at the Warner Bros. owned studio. Parker subsequently confirmed to vg247 that she was working on both.

While EA has the rights to publish one more game based on the Harry Potter movies, Warner Bros. is the parent of the Potter franchise and has already put Traveller's Tales to work on other brands including Batman.

Parker also states that she has worked on a demo to pitch to Peter Jackson for a game based on the forthcoming Hobbit movies, due in 2012.

Traveller's Tales is known to be working on one other LEGO title - LEGO Battles - due for release on the DS this year, and had considerable success with the LEGO Star Wars franchise.

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