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Try out seven EGX indie games at home for free

The Bunker, HoPiKo, Shu, Conga Master, Mainlining, Earth's Dawn and Hue.

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Can't make it to EGX in Brimingham? (Doh!) Then Amazon is offering to bring Brimingham to you. The retail giant, in collaboration with GameSessions, is offering seven indie games from the Rezzed area of the show for free trial at its EGX hub.

GameSessions' service allows you to download a full copy of the game to try out, and then if you like it you can complete the purchase in-game.

The games are:

  • The Bunker - A live-action (!) survival drama which we reviewed the other day
  • HoPiKo - A speedrun platformer, looks like it's in the N+ vein
  • Conga Master - Conga line rhythm action
  • Mainlining - Retro hacking adventure set on a 90s computer desktop
  • Earth's Dawn - Slightly Goth-y 2D hack-and-slash
  • Hue - Colour-matching platforming whimsy
  • Shu - Complex sim about managing production as the cheerful PlayStation executive. Can you ship The Last Guardian before the world ends? No, wait, it's a pretty platformer about outrunning a storm

There you go. They're free, so you may as well. Certainly cheaper than a train ticket to Brimingham!

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