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Tron Run/r release date confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC

The running man.

Tron Run/r, a third-person running game set in Disney's neon cyberspace, is due on 16th February, Disney has announced.

The game will task players with breezing through obstacle courses as quick as they can as they switch between sprinting, riding a bike, wall-running, and hovering with digital wings. The full game will be 32 levels with an additional "Stream" mode that remixes previous stages together.

It will cost $20 (about £14), but can be purchased on Steam Earl Access for only £6.99 / $9.99 where it contains the first six levels of Disc mode and the the first three stages of Cycle mode. User reviews have been glowing with 69 positive reviews and only two negative ones.

Take a look at Tron Run/r in action in the teaser trailer below:

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