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Transformers top of UK pops

Nintendo everywhere else.

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Transformers remained top of the UK all-formats charts this week, even though sales dipped by 15 per cent.

Movie tie-ins Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at six and Surf's Up at eight were the only two games not specifically for Nintendo platforms in the top ten.

That's thanks to Wii Play taking second, Brain Training third, Pokémon Diamond fourth, More Brain Training fifth, Pokémon Pearl seventh, Cooking Mama ninth and New Super Mario Bros. tenth.

The only new offering in the top forty was Purr Pals at 18th.[What the hell's that? - Ed]

But what about Sweden? Glad you asked.

Expansion The Burning Crusade and original game World of Warcraft topped the charts there at one and two respectively, followed by the familiar sight of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in third and fourth.

Down below was Guitar hero at five, MotorStorm at six, and Resistance: Fall of Man at seven.

Eightth was occupied by Counter-Strike 1: Anthology, while Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and SingStar Svenska Hits took ninth and tenth.

A full look at the lists by platform can be found on, along with all sorts of surprising facts.

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