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Toys "R" Us reportedly returning to the UK

Game on.

Toys "R" Us is reportedly coming back to the UK.

The famous toy shop chain, which sold video games, toppled into administration in March 2018, closing 100 stores in the UK and 800 stores in the US, and putting thousands of people out of a job.

According to Kidscreen, current brand owner WHP Global has signed a long-term exclusive licensing agreement with Australia's Toys "R" Us ANZ to launch digital and physical retail stores in the UK. The deal covers both the Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us brands.

Toys "R" Us ANZ will apparently start selling products in the UK online later this year via its existing e-commerce operation in Australia. Meanwhile, it's working to establish local teams and logistics facilities in the UK next year and in 2023.

New York-based WHP Global bought a controlling interest in Toys "R" Us parent company Tru Kids earlier this year. Tru Kids had reopened Toys "R" Us stores in several regions, including the US and Australia, in 2019.

Add Toys "R" Us to the list of online shops you can't get a PlayStation 5 from, then.

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